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Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Cardo Restaurant – July 2020 – by Paula Tabourel
Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Business and Social Distancing
HAZARD: Infection from COVID-19 from person to person contact or infected surfaces.
LOCAL: whole site.
WHO IS AT RISK: staff, customers, sales rep and supplier’s delivery people.
PRECAUTIONS AND CONTROL: as contained below, in minimizing exposure and the spreading of the virus, in preparation for the re-opening of Cardo Restaurant, we have followed Scottish Government Guidelines which include:

  • All equipment has ben checked and are in proper working conditions
  • All equipment and utensils have been sanitised, including cutlery, crockery, plates, pots, pans etc.
  • The whole site has been sanitized and cleaned to the highest standards.
  • The whole premises, inside and out, has been routinely checked by Graham Pest Control.
  • Customer will be entering a 1-meter zone.
  • Main Cardo capacity has been reduced from 18 tables to 10 tables and we only allow a maximum of 34 customers sitting at one time. Little Cardo will not reopen as a sit-in, but will remain open for home deliveries & collections.
  • There will be a 1-way system throughout the restaurant. Please follow staff guidelines and floor signs.
  • All staff will be wearing face masks/head shields.
  • There will be sanitizing points for customers to use: 1) when you enter the premises; 2) coming from the toilet near the clock on the wall/blackboard, and 3) at the bar.
  • We only allow 1 person at one time in the toilets. Staff will sanitise the toilet after every use.
  • We will try to keep 1-meter distance amongst us, as much as possible.
  • Kitchen staff will wear gloves and masks/face shields.
  • We only take payments at the tables.
  • Surfaces are used by staff and customers must be sanitized frequently by staff, including: credit card machines, counters, door handles, tables, chairs, salt & pepper shakers, and any other hand contact surfaces.
  • All staff have been trained on all mitigation measures, effective hand washing technique and recognizing any COVID-19 symptom.
  • Our staff will sanitise their hands before and after serving customers at the table.
  • Our menu is a single-use disposable table mat menu.
  • Any re-usable menus, such as the Lunch menu and the Drinks menu will be sanitized after every use.
  • Table wear will be brought to the table once customers order.
  • No gathering at the bar area or at the entrance area at any time.
  • We will ask your name and contact details which will be safely destroyed after 21 days.
  • Review Date: 20th August 2020