Welcome to Cardo Bakery.

Baking is a passion for us here at Cardo. Our wood fired clay oven doesn’t just create the magical Cardo pizzas, but also bakes a selection of delicious Sourdough loaves.
At Cardo Bakery, we use French Appalachian Flour with no additives, to bake our sourdough loaf. Our starter is now over 10 year’s old, which provides a wonderful base to our unique bread.
Natural fermentation using the minimum amount of yeast results in a longer life, better taste, better texture and better digestion.
Cardo Bakery is open 6 days a week. You can buy your bread online for delivery and collection.
Traditional Baguettes £1.90
Campagne – 15% Rye & 15% Wholemeal £2.00
Multiseed Loaf £2.00
Walnut Bread £2.50
Traditional Sourdough Loaf £2.50